About Us

We provide a comprehensive report and Post Inspection Consultation that will provide you with a clear understanding and will address:

  • What needs to be repaired?
  • What safety concerns are present?
  • What are the priorities of repair?
  • What repairs may involve significant costs (such as major system replacements)?
  • What are the biggest risks of hidden damage?
  • Who should perform them?
  • What repairs should be priorities in your circumstance?
  • What further investigations are most appropriate?

Ed Fifer – Owner / Senior Inspector – Cert # 38566

Ed has been inspecting homes since 1999. Prior to that his experience includes 25 years as a journeyman mason and carpenter. Ten years of his construction career was spent as a foreman and superintendent on several inner city rehabilitation projects. He has performed over 6000 home inspections in Arizona to date. His expertise includes meticulous attention to detail while providing the facts about the property in an unbiased manner; spending as much time as possible to conduct a complete post inspection consultation. He is committed to continuing education.