Drainage and Grading

I get criticized regularly about drainage and grading issues I include as Action (repair) Items. Until about the year 2000, drainage and grading was a complete afterthought by builders that resulted in many class action as well as individual home owner and HOA law suits. Engineered drainage and post tension foundation slabs have finally eliminated… Continue reading

Used Home Inspections

I’ve blogged about new construction, now it’s time to write about our used home inventory. Used is a good descriptive word. Abused can also be added in too many instances. After doing this for 18 years, I have seen a few trends. Before the last recession, there were several things that were standard practice. Most… Continue reading

New Home Inspections

We have had many calls for inspections of new builds and new build 1 year warrantee inspections this year. I’ve been doing both for many years and they used to be easier. Believe it or not, the best new builds with very little wrong were always during market slumps or recessions. Builders and sub contractors… Continue reading