Updates for 2019

It’s nearing the new year and time to bring everyone up to date about a few exciting things that will be happening for us in 2019. Clear View will be adding a new inspector and we are proud to announce the addition of David Pope to our staff. David was raised in the building trades via a family building business. He is Journeyman Carpenter and Welder as well as a licensed Electrician. David also spent several years installing residential Solar systems. The kind of guy that’s capable of building a home from the ground up, because he has. Home Inspectors with his knowledge base are rare and David is going to do very well in our business. He will also be handling all Pre Drywall inspections in the future. Clear View Home Inspections will be offering Solar inspections for new and existing residential Solar arrays starting in February. With all the sub standard Solar systems I’ve seen over the last several years, this is a much needed service here in southern AZ. The inspection of residential Solar is not included in the Arizona Standards of Practice so we will conduct the Solar work per the current industry standards. We believe that our companies mission is to stay ahead of the curve regarding trends and innovations in residential construction. Our office manager Terri will continue to provide our clients and Realtors with personalized customer service, second to none. We are looking forward to 2019!

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