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We have had many calls for inspections of new builds and new build 1 year warrantee inspections this year. I’ve been doing both for many years and they used to be easier. Believe it or not, the best new builds with very little wrong were always during market slumps or recessions. Builders and sub contractors have tried to keep their best people thereby producing good quality. Builders here were not ready for this mini boom of residential construction we are seeing. I have had some very unhappy clients with lists of issues about their homes and complaints about the builders. No, I can’t tell you which ones but I can tell you some of the issues are being litigated. With that said, the overall quality of new builds is excellent by comparison to homes built twenty years ago. How(?)you ask. For one, foundation technology has improved dramatically with Post Tensioned Slabs becoming standard. Energy certifications such as the Energy Star Program that enable energy efficient homes to require smaller tonnage A/C systems and much lower energy costs. HVAC damper systems that allow users to set different room temperatures from only one A/C or heat source. The use of Porcelain tile instead of ceramic, engineered wood and next generation vinyl (yes vinyl) flooring that wears like iron. Arc Fault breakers, smart house low voltage systems and stronger GFCI requirements for safer electrical service. These are just a few. So it really is a good thing that “they just don’t build ’em like they used to”. However, caveat emptor definitely applies.

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