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I’ve blogged about new construction, now it’s time to write about our used home inventory. Used is a good descriptive word. Abused can also be added in too many instances. After doing this for 18 years, I have seen a few trends. Before the last recession, there were several things that were standard practice. Most people would do some recommended repairs or replace old or failing major systems prior to listing. More often than not, sellers would leave me work orders and paid receipts to review. There was some effort made to make the homes show well. If a home had Termites, it was on the seller to have treatment prior to closing date. I had almost no repeat clients with the exception of some investors during those years. None of this applies anymore and I have non investor repeat clients all the time. Without getting into the weeds about the cause and effect, the last recession cycle changed attitudes about due diligence for everyone but us Homies. As the overall quality of resale homes has declined, it takes us more time to complete a through inspection and opens us to more liability. Not cryin’ the blues here people, just sayin’. For those on the buying side it means don’t get emotionally attached to the first house you get to have inspected and “fixer upper” has a whole new meaning now btw. I’ve seen no improvement in the quality of “flip” homes either. The majority are still lipstick on a pig.

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