Our Services

What we inspect


includes: roof coverings, flashings, roof penetrations, skylights, roof drainage systems, chimneys.


includes: siding, eaves & fascias, paint, fences / walls, gates, grading, drainage, patios, balconies, steps, railings, walkways, driveways, doors, windows.


includes: ceilings, walls, stairways, floors, doors, windows, cabinets, counter tops, appliances.


includes: foundations, walls, ceilings, floors, columns, roof structure, attic.


includes: attic, basement / crawlspace, exhaust fans for laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.


includes: drainage, venting, water supply and distribution, plumbing fixtures, water pressure, hot water systems, main water shut off, fuel distribution systems, main fuel shut off.


includes: main and sub panels, service entry conductors, grounding, fuses, breakers, wiring, ceiling fans, switches, outlets, ground fault interrupters, smoke detector.

Heating / Air Conditioning

includes: heating / cooling equipment, air ducts, air filters, registers, flues, vents, fireplaces, wood stoves, thermostats.

As a Canadian investor in Arizona real estate, I have relied on Ed (Fifer) to inspect multiple properties for me. Even though I was unable to attend any of these inspections, Ed made me feel completely confident that he was working on my behalf. We reviewed the inspections by phone after the reports were emailed and I felt assured that moving ahead was the right decision based on his reports.
~James B. (Alberta) client